Costumed Superheroes Being Arrested on the Streets of Hollywood!

RantVideosby Joey Paur

This is kind of a sad story. I don't know if you've ever been down on Hollywood Blvd., but if you have then there's no doubt that you have seen several costumed superheroes taking pictures with tourists for tips in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater. These people make a living doing this, this is their life and now it's being taken away from them.

There was a great documentary made not long ago called Confessions of a Superhero that gives you a glimpse of what these costumed Hollywood superheroes lives are like. It is quite the eye opener. Having seen that film it makes me wonder what these people will end up doing now that their careers are being taken from them. You can watch Confessions of a Superhero for Free on Hulu.

The Los Angeles Police department will start to clear out the area. This week they have arrested dozens of Hollywood character impersonators that don't have a license to dress up. Spiderman, BAtman, Scooby Doo, Jack Sparrow, Elvis, and several other characters have been arrested this week. The reason for this operation is because shop owners and some tourists have said that these costumed people are getting a bit more aggressive trying to get money and tips.

Maybe there are just way too many of these costumed characters out there and it was getting out of control so they are cleaning it up. Hopefully they leave the respectable people alone. Fact of the matter is there were some bad apples in the group and now it's effecting everyone. I would hate to see all of these people taken off the streets, they have been around for years, and have become a Hollywood staple. I think Tourists are expecting and wanting to see these people when they come to Hollywood, not see them being arrested. 

Check out the video below from NBC Los Angeles, which show Batman being arrested right after he was interviewed.

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