The Reoccurring Prop Newspaper in Film and TV

HumorPhotosby Joey Paur

Look, I watch a lot of freakin' TV and movies, but after all of these years of spending time in front of the tube and at the movies, I never noticed that the newspaper used in many of these shows is the same damn newspaper! I just never bothered to look or pay attention to it because it's just a prop. Most newspapers aren't pertinent to the story of the film or TV show.

Well, someone over at reddit put together a little collection of photos from various television shows, commercials and movies, showing us how one prop newspaper is reused over and over and over again. I find this very funny, but now I'm always going to be looking at the newspaper when I watch movies and TV!

I would like to know the story behind this prop newspaper, I only imagine it's an inside joke. 

Hey Look! Ed O'Neil's got it again!

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