Must Watch: DEMONIC TOYS 2

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Growing up some of my favorite movies to watch was from Charles Band and his Full Moon Features. Years later nothng has changed, I still love these movies! 

I recently watched one of Full Moon's newest offerings Demonic Toys 2 (Personal Demons), the long delayed sequel to 1992's Demonic Toys was released earlier this year.  Demonic Toys 2 is written and directed by William Butler and stars Selene Luna, Michael Cintriniti, Alli Cinzel, Lane Compton, Muffy Bolding, Elizabeth Bell, Leslie Jordan and William Marquart.

After a  few Versus sequels (Demonic Toys Vs. Puppetmaster and Demonic Toys Vs. Dollman) Demonic Toys 2 brings back the killer dolls in a new setting this time. The dolls go after a group of oddities collectors in a 900 year old Italian castle. This fun movie has all of the crazy kills and blood other Full Moon classics have offered all these years and even introduces us to a new little devlish character. The film is alot of fun with familiar background music to enjoy along the way. Mr. Band hasn't lost a step after all these years and I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Till we meet again Baby Oopsie Daisy and Jack Attack!

Did you know David S. Goyer wrote Demonic Toys? He did!


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