2001 MANIACS:FIELD OF SCREAMS Website Has Gone Live + An Added BONUS!

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Following up on the trailer released last week today we have great news that the website for Tim Sullivan's 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams has gone live! The hype is really building for this sequel and Sullivsan is promising to deliver to the fans and from what I've seen so far, this is going to be crazy people! Head on over and check out the official 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams site courtesy of First Look Studios.

There's a bonus trailer after the jump!


When this year's round of unsuspecting Northerners fail to show up for their annual Guts N' Glory Jamboree, the residents of Pleasant Valley take their cannibalistic carnival on the road and head to Iowa where they encounter spoiled heiresses Rome & Tina Sheraton and the cast and crew of their "Road Rascals" reality show. Performing "The Bloodiest Show on Earth", our Southern Maniacs prove more than ratings killers in what John Landis has called "one of the rare sequels that surpasses the original".

ShockTillYouDrop got their hands on the "Beyond Unrated " trailer and I had to show this to all of y'all. We've been talking about this movie and I've had the pleasure of interviewing almost the entire cast leading up to the films release which is just over a month away and the momentum and excitement is building! It is really beyond redband and could be offensive to little old ladies so you are warned but those of you that have been turned onto to the Maniacs this past year, you're gonna love this and
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Poster courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting

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