High-Octane Action Movie Montage Video called PURE

MovieVideosby Joey Paur

Hey Gang! We've got a pretty incredible action movie montage to show you called Pure. This is definitely one of the best movie montage videos I've seen in a long time. We see these kinds of videos all the time, but none of them have had the kind of energy and badassery that this one has. 

The video was edited together by Jacob Bricca and he says his creation is "A meditation on genre, a commentary on visual cliches, and a celebration of the visceral pleasures of cinema." The music in the video fits perfectly with this montage, which was done by the Jesus Lizard, and the song is called 7 Vs 8

Now check out this action-packed video below and tell us what ya think!

Pure from Jacob Bricca on Vimeo.

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