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Join Miss Misery for the third annual "A Night To Remember International Film Festival" on June 26th from 7-10 for three hours of short films from local and international horror film makers. Last Doorway Productions will be presenting the event. Special Guest of Honor is Brooke Lewis.

The first 20 people in line get a blood bag filled with goodies, and there will be a free raffle for the audience to win prizes. Submission is $10. Location: Opera Plaza Cinema, 601 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94102 (415) 267-4893.

Miss Misery is one hell of a hot, sexy, Axe loving Demon. That’s right this half Demon, half witch can tell you it isn’t easy being weird. Her father; a very highly overrated Demon named Lord Baal (One of the 7 princes of hell) wed Adel Young, a beautiful ...witch who had powers beyond anything you can imagine. Miss Misery is one of four children. Being brought up in hell there wasn’t much to do for her but watch horror films, The Twilight Zone, and Creature Features. She was never that psyched about helping take over hell. All she wanted to do was have her name in lights and blood. As she got older she realized she wanted to come to earth and take over the world. (And stalk John Stanley) Born in 1983 in a small town in Hell called Stake Town she learned how to use every different weapon known to man from her One eyed purple neighbors. But the Axe was always and will forever be her favorite torture device. That and smashing people over the head with a Guitar. She loves her some Guitar Players!! She has two older brothers, Devon and Cresil. They’re into the family business of selling souls. Her two younger sisters, Sapphire and Crystal want nothing more but to get married and have a bunch of Demon children. They are some annoying girls!! Miss Misery soon came to realize that she needed to get away and be her own Demon. She traveled through dimensions until she finally hit earth. She landed in San Francisco and from there started her career of Hosting and being as sexy as she can be. She hit a guy over the head with her axe dragged him home and forced him to be her camera man for her show “The Last Doorway“. They developed a romantic relationship and have been happy ever since. She hopes to have a little Demon of her own someday. She soon found this creature who washed ashore and decided that one show wasn’t enough for her bloody appetite so she’s now hosting “Terror Enterprises” with Professor Olden Vek. If you think that isn’t enough she hosts shows around the bay area and has her own segment on Creepy Kofy Movie time on Kofy 20... Sometimes you can find her in Hollywood drinking Bloody Marys with her gal pal Ms. Vampy!!

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