The Making of Pixar's Animated Short DAY & NIGHT

Day & Night is a short film that was developed Pixar, which will be shown with Toy Story 3 when it's released on June 18th. A behind the scenes video on the making of the short animated film was released recently, and you can watch it now, if you haven't already seen. 

The story follows Day, a sunny fellow, who encounters Night, a stranger of distinctly darker moods, sparks fly! Day and Night are frightened and suspicious of each other at first, and quickly get off on the wrong foot. But as they discover each other's unique qualities--and come to realize that each of them offers a different window onto the same world--the friendship helps both to gain a new perspective.

I love these Pixar short films. Check out the Day & Night featurette video below and feel free to share your thoughts!

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