Tom Cruise Working on Les Grossman Movie

Movie Tom Cruise by Joey Paur

I enjoy watching Tom Cruise as Les Grossman just as much as the next guy. He's just such a great and fun character, but is making a feature film that revolves around this character a good idea? I say no. But you might say hell yeah! And I don't blame you, he is an incredibly funny movie personality.

Tom Cruise told E-Online last night at the MTV movie awards that he wants to see a Les Grossman movie get made, this is a project that he's working on developing. He said... "We're working on it. Yup, we're working on it."

As funny as I think Les Grossman is, I'm not sure a movie based on the character will work. I think he worked great as a supporting character in Tropic Thunder, I even enjoyed watching him in the MTV movie awards promo spots. But a whole movie with him being an ass-hole producer might not work. I just think the character is fine when taken in small doses. But I can see people getting sick of the character if taken in one big gulp. The movie would have to be executed brilliantly to make it actually work. 

I think they would have to come at the film from a totally different angle, the writers and producers will need to think out of the box with this one for it to work. The question is can they do it? I just think if they come at it from a traditional filmmaking stand point it will bomb.

What do you all think about Tom Cruise doing a Les Grossman movie?


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