World of Warcraft Avatars Living in Real Life

This is kind of a depressing little video that documents the lives of four World of Warcraft players as they are portrayed by their avatars wandering the streets in the real world. It's definitely the music that makes it depressing, but it has a nice little artist touch to it. 

Here's a little info on the film:

This is short film directed by Gavin Kelly we worked on a while ago called "Avatar Days". What makes this one special is the fact that it was filmed, vfx'ed and comped all in just 4 days. It was made as part of the "4 day Film" catagory in the Darklight Film Festival.

It follows 4 MMORPG players taking about their online persona's. As they tell their stories we see them go about their everyday lives against the mundane backdrop of city life...but as their Avatars.

Check out the short video below and let us know what ya think!

Avatar Days from cormaction on Vimeo.

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