Feast Your eyes On The NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD:ORIGINS Facebook Page, Logo And Image

It's been a little while since we've posted any news on the upcoming animated film Night of the Living Dead:Origins and finally we have the official Facebook page , logo and a new image to show you. The film is directed by Zebediah Y. Desoto and starring the voice talents of Danielle Harris, Alona Tal, Jesse Corti, Michael Diskint, Erin Braswell, Tony Todd, Bill Moseley, and Joseph Pilato.


New York, a city of the hopes and dreams for many Americans, lies in ruin. The streets and skyscrapers that symbolized the strength and prosperity of a people have become places of horror and despair. The cultural hub of the western world is now home to only ash and blood. For the few people left alive there is only one dream – Survival. Zombies, the living dead, have taken the city. Ben (Tony Todd) and Barbra (Danielle Harris) find themselves trapped and fighting to escape the hordes of undead that walk the streets.

So who's ready for this origins story?

Visit the official NOTLD:Origins site

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