GEEKTYRANT WEEKLY PODCAST # 75: Get Him to the Grossman

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Greetings fellow GeekTyrants, and welcome back to this week's edition of our podcast. Listen as Dr. Venkman, Mazer, P. Vader, and Ben P. congratulate Patrick Stewart on his Knighthood, go back to 1985 for some Box Office History, offer our (many) suggestions for directors of Chris Nolan's Superman reboot, debate the merits of a full length Les Grossman film, and talk about a film we all actually saw for once - Get Him to the Greek.

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The Numbers

Box Office Numbers of this past weekend - 03:58

This Week in Box Office History, 1985 edition - 10:06


Get Him to the Greek - 14:35

Chris Nolan Updates

No Joker in Batman 3 - 32:23

Brief Superman update, and our speculation about possible directors - 36:44

Coming Soon

The Karate Kid (remake) - 46:10

The A-Team - 48:45


Wrap-Up - 51:55