Ready For Some INDIANA JONES 5 Rumors?

I know some of you didn't like the latest Indiana Jones movie but I did! Well there is a new rumor floating around today that the next installemt "Indiana Jones 5" will be set in the Bermuda Triangle and like all rumors right now this is all it is, just a rumor.

An anonymous source says George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are hard at work on a script and it's almost finished! The sequel would bring back Shia LaBeouf as Mutt and of course Harrison Ford as the iconic character Indiana Jones and both have hinted in recent months about a possible Triangle story.  Ford is "on stand-by" according to sources with LaBeouf having a central role in the story.  Another rumor is that the Special FX will be more old school this time instead of some of the CGI that was used in The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

If the film is set in the Bermuda Triangle there are plenty of stories, myths and resources to go by. So many ships, planes and people have gone missing throughout the years and also there is a possibility to return some aliens in this setting.

The film could start shooting next year!  So who's pumped up about one more Indiana Jones adventure!  I am!


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