Seth Green Drops some Details about his new STAR WARS Sitcom

A couple months ago we reported on some awesome news that the Robot Chicken gang would be developing a new animated Star Wars sitcom series for TV. Writer Brendan Hay (The Daily Show/Frank) has joined forces with Seth Green and Matthew Seinreich to bring us this awesome new series, that fans of both Stars Wars and Robot Chicken will be looking forward too. At the time we didn't have many details what we would get from the series. 

Seth Green recently talked to MTV and he revealed a few little details that you might find interesting.

The series will be done with CGI animation.

It's gonna be CG animation. It's gonna be really funny, and it's gonna be Star Wars in a way you've never seen it.

We'll see some familiar Star Wars faces. As well as some new characters.

There are some recognizable characters. But it's a huge universe, so we're really going where all the comedy is.

The timeline of the series is still trying to be decided, but the series wont' be set after Return of the Jedi.

Timeline ...I don't think anybody is really talking about that yet. But it's not post-Jedi.

So there is your latest update on the Star Wars animated sitcom! I'm excited to see how they go about telling these comedic Star Wars stories. I'm also curious as to what the animation style and designs will looks like.

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