This Week in Comics, 06.09.2010

Comic BookRant by Alan Trehern

Whoa ho ho! We totally beat our previous comments section records by almost half! I didn't count my comment, becuase usually my comments are lackadaisical and devoid of any content. But nice job, GeekTyrants, for pulling together to keep this article of mine alive. And for that special treat I promised you, here's the fake trailer to a Thundercats movie. I know, I know, it blows...

-- That iPad idea I had a couple months ago has finally taken to the Internets. Marvel does it again. When are they going to call me to be on their creative ideas team? Does giving the company to me count as a creative idea? [MARVEL IPAD/IPOD APP: LATEST TITLES 06/9/10]

-- Dwight Howard, star player for the Orlando Magic (woo!) is teaming up with DC Comics to make some sweet-ass kicks featuring the Man of Steel. Great, now I'll have something to wear when I dunk over Kobe Bryant. Eat it, bitch. [DC Teams with Adidas and Dwight Howard to Create Superman Apparel]

-- Thanos is never going to be as cool as Galactus. He's not even going to be as cool as the Silver Surfer, who's pretty damn cool. Not one galactic entity wants to hang out with Thanos. Everyone dreads running into him at the annual Cosmic Christmas Party... [1st Look: THE THANOS IMPERATIVE #2 - End of the Cosmic MU?]

-- Finally, let's celebrate 700 issues of Batman! Way to go, mostly Bruce Wayne. But Richard Grayson can have some cred too. Here you go. Grant Morrison writes the landmark issue, and DC's The Source sits down to talk about it. I hope they ask how he f*cked up Final Crisis. [GRANT MORRISON on BATMAN #700]

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TWIC Picks: Booster Gold #33, Nemesis #2 and duh, Batman #700

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