Universal Pictures Moving Forward with Fourth BOURNE Movie


After Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass dropped out of the fourth Bourne film, I didn't think we would see Jason Bourne up on the big screen again for a long time. Damon suggested at one point that they might make a prequel, but this doesn't sound like that. So until today everyone just assumed the fourth Bourne project was dead.

Universal Pictures has hired Tony Gilroy to write the next Bourne film treatment which is being developed under the working title The Bourne Legacy. Gilroy was the head writer on the first three Bourne movies, so he definitely knows the character and has got the expertise. He is also writing what the studio is calling a "Bourne Bible". I definitely think it a smart move to bring back Gliroy, they started out with a different screenwriter, but apparently no one liked what he came up with.

The new Bourne movie will not be based on the book by Eric Lustabader, which is also called The Bourne Legacy. This will be a completely original story. Universal is looking to release the film in 2012.

Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley are returning to produce the movie with Captivate Entertainment. I have no idea if Matt Damon or Paul Greengrass will return. Matt won't do it unless Paul does it, and they both already ditched the project. Will they come back to it if the script is good? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.