30 Years of Apple Computers in 2-Minutes

TechVideosby Joey Paur

Hey Gang! Gary Katz has been using Apple Computers for 30 years now, and he's kept every Apple Computer product that he's ever owned. He took his Apple massive collection and created a visual history of Apple Computers morphing one computer to the next in under two minutes, giving us a smooth and exciting progression of the Apple design. Here is a little note from Katz.

Apple a day...Take a look at the design and progression of Apple computers from the Apple II to the current models. This video shows the computers I've kept for one reason or another morphing from one design to the next. It's a little over 30 years in a little over 2 minutes. Sadly, it doesn't include many iconic Apple products (Apple IIc, Apple IIgs, Quadra etc), only the machines I've personally owned or acquired over the years.

I just can't believe he's kept all of these computers over the years! He's been a fan of Apple since most of us were even born! Check out the video Katz created below and let us know what ya think!


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