Christopher Nolan Isn't Even Thinking about BATMAN 3 or SUPERMAN Right Now

Christopher Nolan is currently making the the press rounds for his upcoming film Inception, and the press just can't help but ask him about what's going on with the two big Warner Bros. films he is developing; Batman 3 and Superman. Nolan gives them absolutely nothing.

There is no new news regarding Batman 3 or Superman in this article I've written, this is an article that shows us a little of Nolan's personality and the type of filmmaker he is.

From the New York Times:

Question: Are the gears already turning on your next Batman movie?

I can’t – the gears are firmly jammed up with this movie.

Q. But Warner Brothers has already announced an opening date for the film in 2012. Surely you’re going to give them something?

I wouldn’t let them put out an impractical date. Put it that way. They know me well enough to know what my process is. I do one film at a time. It’s one of my real inefficiencies. As I start to free up on this film, I’ll be thinking about what to do next. I’m also very fortunate I have a brother [Jonathan Nolan] I work with. He’s an incredible asset and has been for many years.

Q. So Jonathan has at least finished the screenplay?

Oh, yeah. He’s been working on a script for a long time. And working very hard. So he tells me.

When MTV asked him if he's started thinking about Batman 3 he said the following,

Yes and no I suppose would be the answer. We know we’re aiming for 2012 [as a release date]. That’s been talked about. We’re just working on the script, really. My brother [Jonah Nolan] has been hard at work on it for quite some time. It’s based on a story that myself and David Goyer have written. I’ve been very completely in this movie (Inception). In a couple of weeks, I’ll surface and figure out what I’m doing next and how I’m going to approach it.

This is pretty much everything we already knew. He ended up telling the Toronto Sun basically the same thing.

I don’t yet really know what’s next because I’m focused on (Inception), I'll surface in a couple of weeks and focus in on what’s next... It’s great to have interest in what you’re doing. I started out as an independent filmmaker and one of the hardest things when you’re making a film is trying to get people to come and see it. It’s a great privilege to work on an existing property that people feel invested in.

As for Superman he doesn't give much to MTV other than that Richard Donner’s 1978 film left an impression on him.

I was hugely struck by the Donner films in the ’70s when I was a kid. In 1978, I saw ["Superman"] and it had such epic scope to it. It took on this incredible, iconic figure and gave that iconic figure an appropriate framing. It made quite an impression on me. It’s definitely one of my childhood touchstones of what epic cinema can be.

So there's everything he had to say about Batman 3 and Superman. He's not even thinking about them right now. These interviews show us that he doesn't want to talk about the movies at all right now. This is one focused individual that makes and focuses on one film at a time. Once he's actively working on Batman I'm sure he'll be happy to talk about it. Until then we won't know anything.

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