Preliminary Artwork Has Begun On Comic Book Divas 'GOLDILOCKS IN ZOMBIE LAND'

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Yours truly is going to be a character in the upcoming comic book web series 'Goldilocks in Zombie Land' and I have the first image to show y'all! The first character is of course Goldilocks who is portrayed by actress/scream queen Scarlet Salem. Stayed tuned for  much more character introductions including mine! Read on below and check out the artwork after the jump!


"Goldilocks In Zombie Land" News:

The preliminary artwork is beginning to arrive from artist Jason Dube on some of the primary characters for the upcoming web series, we are going to begin story boarding the first pages very soon.

The first primary character is Goldilocks that is being portrayed by horror actress and scream queen Scarlet Salem; Jeff Hughes owner and primary writer for Comic Book Divas and Jason Dube owner of Scattered Comic Book Studios and artist strived to keep many of the elements of the fairy tale costume with a modern look and combine it with a sort of gunslinger look.

Although not shown, our Goldilocks will not skip down the cobbled streets of the storybook unarmed, she will be packing two shotgun pistols, a wrist activated crossbow gun, a samurai blade shaped bowie knife and just in acse all else fails a spring loaded baseball bat.

We will be presenting other characters very soon that will include; Queen Rapunzel (Portrayed By Dai Green) The Woodsman (Portrayed By Joe Knetter) and host of others as the story progresses.

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