THE GUILD: Season 4 trailer is up! FELICIA DAY rocks!

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So not sure how many of you know but I follow a web series with Felicia Day called The Guild. Felicia Day was also in Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and has made appearances in Dollhouse, Monk, Lie to me, House and just finished a movie called Red.

Felicia writes and produces the show. Here's a synopsis for those of you that have never seen the show!

The Guild is an American comedy web series created by Felicia Day, who also stars as Codex. It premiered on YouTube on July 21, 2007.   Future webisodes premiered on Microsoft's Xbox Live Marketplace, Zune Marketplace, and MSN Video. The webisodes were later made available on the official Guild website, YouTube, and iTunes. In April 2010, Microsoft renewed the show for a fourth season.

The show revolves around the lives of online guild "The Knights of Good" who play countless hours of an unspecified MMORPG video game. The story focuses on Codex, the Priestess who attempts to lead a normal life after one of her guild-mates, Warlock Zaboo (Sandeep Parikh), shows up on her doorstep.

This show is funny, smart and completely awesome. Anyways here's the season 4 trailer for you all. This is a show for gamers, geeks, nerds and everyone that likes a good laugh basically.

Trailer for season 4 clickity click.

Season 4 comes out on 7/13/10

Also, here's a fun music video they did as well. Be warned the song is addicting!

 So how many Guild watchers do we have on this site anyways?!


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