Iron Man Mark V Motorcycle Outfit

For anyone with the desire to ride their motorcycle dressed up as Iron Man, well then this is for you. If you don't have a motorcycle I guess you could wear it while riding your scooter, but that would not be cool at all. Finally, if you don't have a scooter then I guess you could wear it around just for the hell of it... in the house! Don't go outside walking your dog in this thing!

The latest motorcycle suit inspired by a comic book movie puts you in Tony Stark's Iron Man 2 armor -- complete with a glowing chest arc reactor -- for just $1,100.

"We've replicated the visual effect of Iron Man's armor," said David Pea, owner of UD Replicas, which previously released suits based on The Dark Knight and X2. "From the neck down, every single detail is form-molded leather, and has presented us with a fantastic creative challenge."

"Each Iron Man 2 Motorcycle Suit ... incorporates a chest arc reactor made of highly reflective, light-sensitive material that glows when light hits it. The Iron Man 2 Motorcycle Suit also incorporates removable CE-approved body armor; gloves with built-in, antiskid Kevlar in the leather lining of the palms.

I want a lot of things that life has to offer, but I don't think this is one of them. As cool as it looks, I know for a fact that I wouldn't look good in this thing, so I wont even attempt to try. But maybe some of you have what it takes to dress up as a leathery Iron Man in public. What do you all think?

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