Jonathan Nolan Directing SUPERMAN Reboot?! Zachary Levi Auditioned!

Hey gang! I've got a cool exclusive little update for all of you regarding the upcoming Warner Bros. Superman film. We recently received some very interesting intel from a couple of sources that reside on the WB studio lot.

The last we heard on the new Superman film was that Chris Columbus would possibly direct the film, which we all agree would be a terrible idea. This news has been debunked, and apparently it isn't true. According to our sources, Christopher Nolan's brother Jonathan is currently the unannounced director of the Superman reboot film. Word on the lot is that he is attached to direct the film, and has been on the studio lot working on pre-development stuff. It's also confirmation of a rumor that started back in February of this year. It was said at the time that a key reason behind Chris Nolan's producing role is to help out his brother.

This would be Jonathan Nolan's first directing gig. At the time I didn't think the WB would give a first time director the $150 - $200 million dollar budgeted movie. But if his big brother is there to guide him, and teach him the ways of the force then maybe the studio would let him do it. After all, they're all about keeping Christopher Nolan happy.

I have no problems with Jonathan Nolan directing the film; I guess if this intel is true we'll find out if he has the same kind of talent his brother has. The guy can definitely write a solid script. I think it would be very cool if he ended up directing the movie. 

It was also revealed to us that auditions for the Superman reboot are currently taking place, and our source dropped the name of one actor who they know has auditioned for the film. This actor's name is Zachary Levi, who you all know from the NBC TV show Chuck. It's unknown at this time what role he auditioned for, but one can guess that it was for the role of Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman. Levi seems to have all the right Clark Kent qualities, and it seems like he's in good enough shape. I think he would be a nice fit for the role.

Since there's no official confirmation of this, we will treat this little leak as a rumor for now. I trust our sources, but with any source, you just never know for sure until it's officially confirmed. Warner Bros. has got to get started on this film soon, so I'm hoping that we receive an official confirmation of what is actually going on at Comic-Con this year. 

What do you think about the possibility of Jonathan Nolan directing, and Zachary Levi being a part of the Superman reboot?

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