Now You Can Take Private Ninja Lessons!

Rant by Joey Paur

Have you ever wanted to take Ninja lessons or brush up on your already acquired Ninja skills? Then today is your lucky day! No, we will not be offering you ninja lessons in new GT shop... not yet anyway. I'm still working on getting my Ninja license. But, if you live in New York or are willing to travel to New York then this might be of some interest to you. From the ad:

Learn the secrets of ancient martial arts and the mysterious ninja warriors with one of New York' oldest Bujinkan schools, affiliated with Bujinkan Hombu Dojo in Japan since the 1980's.


  • Your instructor was awarded the title of Shidoshi, "teacher of the warrior ways" in 1991
  • Learn the history and philosophy of this 900-year-old martial art
  • Practice their self-defense, heightened awareness and combat strategy methods

These legendary combat methods teach effective methods of self-protection using elusive timing, control of distance and subtle angling, i.e. like how to avoid the assault of a sword.

Learn from an actual Shidoshi (teacher of the warrior ways) about the history, tradition and philosophy of these night tigers before practicing their self-defense, heightened awareness and combat strategy methods.

These lessons are a great compliment to existing martial art experience. The opportunity to use weapons in this class is on a case to case scenario and under the sole discretion of the instructor.

After this session with our experienced ninja instructor you will better understand the mystery and power that surrounds this 900-year-old martial art.


The Ninja lessons start out at $195 for 90 minutes of ass kicking Ninja time. If you don't want to pay that kind of money don't worry! You can learn everything you need to know about being a Ninja from martial arts movies and video games. 

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