First Look: Pixar's REIGN OF THE DINOSAURS TV Project


Pixar Animation Studios has been working a while now on Reign of the Dinosaurs which is their upcoming Tv project for Discovery Channel who describes it as "Avatar meets Jurassic Park".


Avatar meets Jurassic Park as the latest paleontological research meets Hollywood story telling. Discovery Channel teams with the top creative talent from Disney and Pixar to create an unparalleled television event. New creatures abound in a wondrous new world – giant dinos with Freddy Krueger style clawed hands, pygmy T-rex, frogs so big they can eat dinosaurs. Learn the latest in understanding of dinosaur behaviors with exotic mating dances, the inner workings of the T-rex’s nuclear family, dinosaurs drunk on fermenting fruit, dinosaurs in apocalyptic events, the underwater birthing of mosasaurs, and prehistory’s angriest mammals. A daring and provocative new chapter in television, REIGN OF THE DINOSAURS is bound to be the benchmark for all future dinosaur natural history programming.

Here's some cool news! For the first time ever Discovery Channel will launch a new show at San Diego Comic-Con.

From The Press Release:

For the first time ever, Discovery Channel will launch a new television series at San Diego Comic-Con.  The REIGN OF THE DINOSAURS panel, scheduled for Friday, July 23 at 7:30PM in Room 6BCF, will provide a rare and unparalleled behind-the-scenes look at the current artistic development of the 2011 series. Destined to reset the benchmark previously set by Discovery’s WALKING WITH DINOSAURS for dinosaur natural history programming, REIGN OF THE DINOSAURS combines the latest paleontological research with Hollywood storytelling and the talent of the world’s best dinosaur illustrators and animators.  In the series, new creatures like giant dinos with Freddy Krueger-style clawed hands, a Jurassic flying squirrel, pygmy T-Rex and frogs so big they can eat dinosaurs, are combined with the latest understanding of dinosaur behaviors. During the panel, renowned artists Ricardo Delgado (Dark Horse Comics’ Age of Reptiles), Tom deRosier (Lilo and Stitch, Mulan), David Krentz (Disney’s Dinosaur, John Carter of Mars), Iain McCaig (Star Wars Ep. 1, 2, 3), Mishi McCaig (Iron Man), Pete Von Sholly (The Mask, Darkman) will provide a once-in-a-decade opportunity to be present at the creation of an epic series.  Moderated by Producer Erik Nelson (Grizzly Man), the panel will reveal the secrets behind this journey back to the Prehistoric era, by showing how they’re creating the stories, characters and digital models for the new standard in realistic dinosaur storytelling.

Panelists will be signing autographs in the Sails Pavilion on Saturday, July 24 from 1-2PM.

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