U.K. Develops a Real Unmanned Cylon Stealth Fighter

The U.K. has done it, they developed an incredibly awesome high-tech unmanned stealth fighter jet, and it just happens to look like a freakin' Cylon ship. Is this the beginning of the end? 

The ship is called The Taranis, named after the Celtic god of thunder. It's also equipped with an autonomous artificial intelligence system. Here is a little more information on the new fighter.

It is the size of a light aircraft and has been equipped with advanced stealth technology making it virtually undetectable.

Almost invisible to ground radar, it is designed to travel at high jet speeds and cover massive distances between continents.

The plane is built to carry out intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance on enemy territory using onboard sensors.

And it has been designed to carry a cache of weapons - including bombs and missiles -, giving it a potential long-range strike capability.

It can be controlled from anywhere in the world with satellite communications.

Experts say the cutting-edge design is at the forefront of world technology and as advanced as any US development

[The Taranis has] been dubbed the ''pinnacle'' of British engineering and aeronautical design.

It should be cool to see this thing in action! I just hope to hell it doesn't get a mind of it's own and try to take over the world. Test flights for the The Taranis are due to start in 2011. Here's a little video of the unveiling. 

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