Disney to Make Original Live-Action GARGOYLES Movie

MovieDisneyby Joey Paur

Disney is looking to make a new live-action Gargoyles movie based on an original idea, NOT based off of the classic 90's animated series, which is unfortunate because that wold make for an incredible live-action film adaptation!

Disney is currently in negotiations with screenwriter Zoe Green to write the film off of an original idea that she developed with producer Lauren Shuler Donner. Donner is known for working on Fox's X-Men franchise. She's currently overseeing X-Men: First Class, that Matthew Vaughn is directing, Deadpool, set to star Ryan Reynolds, and X-Men Origins: Magneto

The new Gargoyles film "centers around a world and mythology that the studio was keen to explore, sources said. Green hatched the idea with Disney exec LouAnne Brickhouse, who is shepherding the project at the studio, and set it up at the Donners' Co., which Shuler Donner runs with her husband Richard Donner."

This will most likely end up being a high profile tent-pole film, which is what Disney is really into making these days. It obviously always doesn't work out though, look at what happened with Prince of Persia. Just because you pump $200 million dollars into a film wont make it good, and it certainly doesn't mean it will make more money. There is also the potential for video games, toys, and theme park stuff to work with. 

As for screenwriter Zoe Green, she's written a film called Tigress for Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment, based on the Disney lot. That movie follows a woman who starts getting tiger-like instincts. She's also written for the animated series Wolverine and the X-Men.

We really don't have any idea what this new Gargoyles film is about, but it will be interesting to see it come together. What do you all think?

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