This Week in Comics, 07.14.2010

Comic BookRant by Alan Trehern
I'm not going to lie: I LOVE COMICS! But right now, things are a bit slow. Stories are starting up left and right, which usually happens after big crossovers like Blackest Night. Things in the DC Universe have become confusing and the Marvel Universe is so caught up in its new Heroic Age that even I'm struggling with things.

But we trudge on, GeekTyrants, don't we? Grab your lightsabers and let's hack some younglings as we search the cyberspace for some comic book news...

-- I read an interesting article the other day about Wonder Woman going on adventures with her younger selves and her mom. Man, those creators didn't give a flying rip about continuity problems back then. Simpler times, I suppose...or ballsier editors. [I Love Ya, But Yer Strange!]

-- I've spoken numerous times about my love for the new DCU DVD universe (i.e. Justice League: New Frontier, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths and Gotham Knight). I still have yet to see a couple of them, since they come out so often that DC doesn't give me the chance to purchase them for $3 on before the next one is out! For those of you with money to spend, check out Batman: Under the Red Hood...SPOILER ALERT: It's Jason Todd. [BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD World Premiere on July 23]

-- Remember that Kirby thing Dynamite Entertainment was going to pick up and advertise the hell out of? Well, Kurt Busiek is signed to write. I always thought his Superman run was really cool, but that was before COUNTDOWN, when the DCU wasn't in shambles. [ALEX ROSS & KURT BUSIEK Team For Dynamite's KIRBY: GENESIS]

-- Thanks to GeekTyrant editor Ben P. and TWIC-colleague Jared for their help in finding this comic book news snippet. Good lord, what in bloody blazes is Batman doing in a suit a armor? Wait, wha? Blimey! That's not Batman?! You coulda snozed my knob there mate! Blah blah blah...check it out. [Paul Cornell takes on the KNIGHT & SQUIRE]

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