Review: '2001 MANIACS: FIELD OF SCREAMS' Delivers The Laughs And The Gore! A Must See!

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After five long years Tim Sullivan is delivering more Southern fried flesh and blood and laughs with 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams. What happens in this sequel is the good Southern folk of Pleasant Valley hop on the bus, literally and head out to find more Northern victims aka Damn Yankess. The "Pleasant Valley Traveling Jamboree" makes it's stop in Iowa and along comes some potential new victims who are doing a  reality show called "Road Rascals"starring spoiled rich sisters Rome Sheraton (Katy Johnson)  and Tina sheraton (Asa Hope) along with their crew and co-stars.

Introductions are made and the killings begin!  Mayor Buckman (Bill Moseley) and Granny Boone (Lin Shaye) lead the southern charge of inventive gory slaughter. This horror/comedy sequel is running on all cylinders like it's predecessor with an added bonus, there's much more blood and boobs! No offense ladies, I'm just telling it like it is and I like it! One cool note here is Bill Moseley took over the reigns as Mayor George W. Buckman who was played by Robert Englund in the first one, Mr. Moseley really makes the character his own.

The kills are fun, some old school and some are very unique creations including one scene that I'll just call the "Pooch Box" that involves Scarlet Red (Nicole Rae). Let's don't forget about the political incorrectness that involves China Rose (Kathryn Le) who actually has been broiught over to do the laundry, get it? Another one is Crow (Ahmed Best) during the end credits so be sure to keep the film going!

The Milk Maiden (Christa Campbell) also returns and is pretty much involved in every kill. One great scene is she and Harper Alexander (Kevin"Ogre" Ogilvie) doing what they do best on an awakening Bristol Bush (Alana Curry) and all I'll say is everything gets sprayed with the red stuff. That and watching how the camera plays with the scene and watching Christa Campbell's sexy dance.

To me this a living, breathing gory comic book just like the first one but on a higher level. I love the way the camera fades out or slides to the next scene.The music always plays a big part in any movie and  with Field of Screams each scene is joined by the right background noise. Fast music and slow music and even the returning "The South's Gonna Rise " theme song.

It just wouldn't be a 2001 Maniacs movie without Lester (Adam Robitel) and his girlfriend sheep Jezebel.  There is a scene with them two that has scarred me for life and added a perminant grin on my face, all I have to do is think of this scene,well you'll just have to see this!

Let's don't forget about young Hucklebilly (Ryan Fleming) who returns with a much larger role this time around and once again he is the key player in one of the final scenes, just like the first 2001 Maniacs.  "It's Huckelbilly dumb-ass!"

The bottom line is if you want to watch a fun horror movie this is it! 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams has just the right amount of blood, boobs,laughs and insults, yes I said insults so if you are easily offended then go watch the paint dry. Low-budget or not, it's an absolute treat for any horror fan!

One note to Tim Sullivan, please don't make us wait five years for the next one!

The "Unrated" version which I watched is 86 minutes and the Special Features include: The Making of 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams, DVD Commentary with  writer/director Tim Sullivan and select cast, Slideshow, Previews.

Go put this movie on your Netflix queue or better yet just buy it July 20th, it's a must see!


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