Thomas Jane and Jeremy Piven set to Star In I MELT WITH YOU


Thomas Jane and Jeremy Piven have been cast in new thriller being developed called I Melt With You. This film will have an ensemble cast, and will be directed by Mark Pellington a music video director that directed the film Henry Poole is Here

The story written by Glenn Porter follows the interconnecting lives of four men. There really isn't much else revealed on the story other than what the director of the film had to say,

I am 48 and found a dearth of films that speak to my life experience. Where is my generation's  version of Cassavetes' Husbands? It is hard to get anything idiosyncratic made for a budget. I have been shooting music videos on small cameras at low cost and wanted to apply it to a film. This is about four guys and deals with mortality, aging and friendship. It is very dark and very low budget. I have nothing against the larger budget movies I have made. I just want to make movies and doing it this way improves my chances.

I'm not really sure what to expect for this film, but it looks likes it's putting together a solid cast. Thomas Jane and Jeremy Piven are always fun to watch in the film projects that they're involved with.

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