GATCHAMAN Teaser Trailer - IMAGI Animation Studios is Back!

Earlier this year IMAGI Animation Studios, which brought us TMNT and Astro, fell on hard times and the studio had to close it's doors and shut down. While this was happening they were in the middle of developing a new CGI Animated film based on the 1980's cartoon series Gatchaman. We all just assumed the movie was dead, but I'm happy to tell that it's not!

Apparently the studio was able to pull themselves out of the financial hole they were in. Management has been restructured, and they are moving forward, and the Gatchaman film is back on the burner. The studio even released a great new teaser trailer for the film!

The original Gatchaman story revolves around five young superhero ninjas engaged by the International Science Organization to oppose a group of technologically advanced villains, known as Galactor, from trying to take control of the Earth's natural resources. To do so, the ninjas battle various giant monsters deployed by Galactor to capture rare resources.

The movie is currently in preproduction but the studio is looking to release it sometime in 2011. Check out the awesome teaser trailer below and ell us what you think!


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