Geek of the Week: Man Spends 900 Hours Painting an 11-Foot-Tall Voltron!

ArtVoltronby Joey Paur

This is awesomely crazy! A guy by the name of Robert Burden took it upon himself to spend 900 hours painting an amazingly detailed 11'foot-tall portrait of the giant classic 1980's cartoon robot Voltron. 900 hours! Who has that kind of time!?

Burden is an action figure fanatic, and here's what he had to say regarding the inspiration behind the art that he does. "I remember these figures as being magnificent. They represented power, beauty, good and evil, and they captured every aspect of my imagination." This guy must be extremely patient and dedicated to his craft.

We also have a video below that compresses those 900 hours into 3 1/2 minutes. So check it out!


The artist is selling limited edition prints for $400 if your interested.

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