Awesome STAR WARS Collectors Cereal Boxes! Count Dookula to Hothsted Flakes

ArtHumor Star Wars by Joey Paur

Check out these great collectors Star Wars cereal boxes that have been created! These mini cereal boxes will be exclusively given away to those fans who are attending the Star Wars Celebration collecting panels. The Star Wars Celebration runs from August 12-15 in Orlando, Florida.

Chris Georgoulias led the effort working with collectors, sponsors, and artists, who contributed to the concepts, funding, and artwork of this completely fan-sponsored giveaway. There are sixteen mini cereal boxes to collect (they are about four inches tall), one for each panel, and they are exclusive to Celebration V! Only 400 of each will be made available. Box illustrations are by artists Jeff Correll, Mattias Rendahl, Grant Gould, Bill Cable, Chris Reiff, Jeff Carlisle, Scott D.M. Simmons, and Chris Trevas. The boxes will be handed out at random times during each panel and will be absolutely free. Don't miss this opportunity for unique, completely original collectibles.

So far we have eight of the 16 cereal boxes, but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what else these guys have come up with. I wish these cereals actually existed! I'd love to have me some Troop Loops. Check out the designs and tell us what ya think! Enjoy!

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