Behind the Scenes Video of THE WALKING DEAD

Here we have our first real look at some zombie action from this behind the scenes video footage for The Walking Dead, brought to us by MTV. The video also includes interviews with Frank Darbont, who looks like a kid in a candy store directing this thinkg. At one point he says,

"I'd like to do 20 years of zombie TV," he laughed. "Every day I'm at the monitors and I'm going, 'This is really, really cool."

Then the creator of the story Robert Kirkman had this to say:

"I think the fans of the comic are going to really love the show, and fans of the zombie genre who don't know anything about the comic are going to be really, really thrilled."

Awesome! I'm really excited about this AMC TV series! It looks like it's going to be fantastic! Check out the behind the scenes video below and tell us what ya think!


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