First Movie Shot on the iPhone 4 - A Documentary called 156 TURNS

Here it is gang! It was only a matter of time before a film was shot on an iPhone. The film footage comes from Seth Schaeffer's documentary 156 Turns, which covers the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb motorcycle race in Colorado Springs. They used several cameras to film the documentary, but the footage below comes from what they shot on the iPhone 4.

I'm extremely impressed with with the video quality, it looks fantastic! I seriously can't believe this was shot on a freakin' phone! After seeing this footage there's no doubt in my mind that we're going to start seeing actual movies shot on these phones by both amateur filmmakers and professionals. 

According to the filmmakers the footage below was captured all on the iPhone. There was also no color correction or additional post-processing done.

We decided to leave the colors as is to show what the iPhone really looks like right now (until an app comes out that can lock exposure). We really wanted to show people what is possible without really knowing color correction, special effects, etc. I usually do all my toning and everything in After Effects, but edited this all in Premiere to keep that simple documentary film. We’re not trying to make the iPhone 4 look like it’s a RED or a 5D Mark II. It’s a different direction.

It blows me away to see how far technology as come. Check out the footage below of 156 Turns and let us know what ya think!



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