SCREAM 4 is Having some Major Issues - Creator Kevin Williamson No Longer Involved

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It's only been about a week into filming Scream 4 and we've seen two actresses leave the project, Lake Bell and Lauren Graham. The reasons given for their departure were that they had scheduling conflicts. It doesn't look like scheduling conflicts are the reason they walked though. Apparently a new screenwriter by the name of Ehren Kruger was brought on board to do rewrites on Scream 4 for Wes Craven and Dimension Films. Kruger is the same guy that wrote Transformers 2, The Ring and Scream 3. The actors didn't really care for the changes that were being made. 

Now here's the really bad news, it's being reported that Scream creator Kevin Williamson is no longer involved with the project at all! This is the guy that started it all! One of the main reasons why I was excited for the return of Scream! Now he's out!? What the hell? Scream 4 was supposed to kick off a whole new trilogy of films, but now it looks like that's not happening.

According to sources Hayden Panettiere is incredibly frustrated as well, especially because they changed her character! Here's what zap2it had to report,

Hayden Panettiere's role, which one source says 'used to be really sharp' has now been 'dumbed down significantly.' The actress is 'beyond frustrated with the changes.' Another source says that Lake Bell, who had to drop out of "Scream 4" due to scheduling changes, 'dodged a bullet.

This is incredibly sad. I imagine that Williamson didn't like these changes that were being made so he walked off the project. What the hell is going on over there? And why bring in a another screenwriter that seems to only be making things worse? This isn't good my friends. I was extremely excited for this movie, but after this news... that excitement is fading.


And then there's this, from director Wes Craven:

@Zap2it I have not been given control of the script. #SCREAM4

Not good... not good at all.

What do you all think about what's going on?

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