FREAKSHOW Comic Book Getting Film Adaptation

Ape Entertainment's Freakshow is the latest comic book to get a big screen adaption. Thor screenwriter Mark Protosevich will be taking on the the project as a potential film for him to direct. The writer has teamed up with with Sheldon Turner and Jennifer Klein to produce the project. He will write the script, based on the upcoming comic book created David Server and Jackson Lanzing created, with art from Joe Suitor, an illustrator at Marvel Comics. The comic will be released as a three-issue miniseries this coming January. The comic seems like a classic comic book tale of mutations and heroes.

The story revolves around five young protagonists who are turned into mutants by a cataclysmic chemical explosion and must decide whether to use their newfound powers to save the city or exact revenge on those responsible after the world's only superhero is killed.

Freakshow will be promoted by Ape Entertainment at Comic-Con this week in San Diego, where you can grab yourself an advance issue of the comic book. Since the comic book was self-published, its creators were able to set up the film rights on their own. 

Before taking on Marvel's Thor Protosevich wrote I Am Legend and Poseidon and The Cell. He's also working on the video game film adaptation of Mass Effect, Legendary Pictures.

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