Hide Your Termites, It's a Wooden NES

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eBay user stocky2.0 has crafted a fairly authentic (aside from switching around a few controller buttons) wooden replica of the Nintendo Entertainment System which he hoped to sell on the site for $650. The auction ended on July 18 but his reserve price went unmet.

"This is a sculpture of a replica of the original Nintendo NES system completely made almost entirely out of wood. Craftsmanship is so precise it appears to be a functional Nintendo at first glance.  It has two controllers with intricate detail.

I will also include a replica flatscreen tv made of wood with a glass front-screen and black plexi behind it. The screen appears almost exactly like a normal television when powered off. They have been in gallery shows, e-mail for more pictures this is one of a kind."
A bid of $250 was the only one placed on the item before the auction ended. I'd imagine stocky2.0 will re-list it shortly, so be sure to bookmark his profile if interested in picking it up.
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