Larry Charles Directing Jim Carrey in PIERRE PIERRE

Larry Charles is the man who's wrote and directed several episodes of hilarious TV series Sienfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, he also most recently took on the Sacha Baron Cohen's film project Bruno. Now he's going to be directing one of 1990's funniest individuals Jim Carrey, because lets face it, once the 90's ended the quality of his movies have gone down. 

Charles will direct Carrey in a comedy called Pierre Pierre, in which Carrey will be playing "the role of a Frenchman who transports a stolen painting from Paris to London, behaving more obnoxiously than any waiter you've ever encountered at Cannes."

It sounds like a role Carrey could have some fun with, and it could give him an opportunity to be funny again. I used to love watching Jim Carrey movies throughout the 90's, but now I really don't care that much for the films he's made, I think he's lost his edge. Maybe Larry Charles will help him find it again in Pierre Pierre.

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