New Video From the Set of THE WALKING DEAD

For those of you excited about Frank Darabont's new TV series on AMC The Walking Dead, MTV has released yet another little Behind the scenes video from the set featuring makeup effects supervisor Greg Nicotero, and he explains how the comic book series influenced the look of the TV show. 

Unfortunately they don't show any footage from the series, but it really sounds exciting! Check it out below.


"We took a lot of our visual cues from the graphic novel," Nicotero told MTV News in a recent interview. "The sketches have them real gaunt, a lot of exposed teeth, and a couple specific characters were inspired by the graphic novel and the sketches they did."

"I've done a lot of zombie films in my past. I've worked with Robert Rodriguez on 'Grindhouse' and a lot of the George Romero films, so I'm kind of a zombie aficionado."

"We have some classic zombies, with the stereotypical bite wounds and dead-looking flesh with dried blood, that kind of stuff. Then we have some hero, featured zombies that are a lot more elaborate in terms of dentures and contact lenses. There are grades of zombies — we have our featured hero zombies, and then we have our mid-ground zombies, and our background zombies."

"This is probably one of the biggest days we'll have on the shoot, because we have about 150 zombies today. It's been pretty crazy." 

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