BATMAN 3 Promotional Marketing Scoop...It Has Begun!

Much like the "I believe  in Harvy Dent" promotional marketing for The Dark Knight we now have what I believe is the first of many (I saw a lot of them the other day) domains hinting to Batman 3.

The url is and makes plenty of sense the way The Dark Knight ended, it will be used as a piece of promotional marketing allowing fans to visit the fictional site that will be used in a Batman 3 scene! 

Now before you click on it remember this one along with about 20 others have just been registered, they're not live! Not yet...

Bruce Wayne buries himself in work as Batman and leaves his Bruce Wayne persona behind as their is nothing left for him no more and hasn't been seen for 6 months in public and is said to be locked away in the newly built Wayne Manor. 

Source: ComicBookMovie

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