Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Play The Riddler in BATMAN 3?!

Hey Gang! Our pals over at Firstshowing have received some intel from a "reliable source" within Warner Bros. Studios that the villain in Christopher Nolan's highly anicipated Batman 3 will in fact be The Riddler. It is also rumored that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is currently on the top of the studio's list to play the evil riddling villain. Ummm... Awesome!!! 

This information comes from what is called a "casting grid" which is used in the film industry to keep production companies and talent agencies informed on a film project's progress and the shows roles in a film that are available for actors to potentially take. Just because an actor is interested in taking a role like Gordon-Levitt, doesn't mean he's going to end up doing it, I hope he does though! This grid is just used to help plan the film and keep everyone up to date on what is going on with the casting. But what this grid proves to us is that The Riddler should definitely end up being a villain in Batman 3 regardless of who plays him.

I really wanted to see The Riddler in the next film as some crazy ass serial killer in Gotham City. The Riddler could be such a fun and dark villain in Noaln's Batman world. As for Gordon-Levitt playing the character... that would be perfect! I love the thought of Gordon-Levitt taking on this villainous role and he would do a fantastic job in the role. He recently worked with Nolan on Inception, and Nolan loved working with him, so why wouldn't he want to work with him again? Nolan tends to continue to work with those actors he likes.

What do you all think about The Riddler being the villain in Batman 3, and the possibility of Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing him?

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