Comic-Con 2010: DEXTER Panel

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If you haven’t watched Season 4 of one of the best television shows ever, stop reading and do so NOW!

 We got our first glimpse of DEXTER Season 5 and it is going to be one hell of a ride! After Season 4’s shocking and emotionally jarring finale, Dexter Morgan (the brilliant Michael C. Hall) won’t just be hiding and sneaking around in the shadows or silently letting his emotions stew. Things are going to be much more out in the open and according to Hall, Dexter won’t be “consciously” looking for a new love interest. Interesting…..! Season 5 looks like a fully charged, emotional examination of our favorite serial killer. I AM EXCITED!


Radio personality Ralph Garman (KROQ) moderated the Dexter panel. Thousands waited in line for hours to see the panel answer questions from Ralph and from the audience. All of the actors seem like they are really enjoying themselves doing the show and working together. The chemistry that feels so good on the screen feels just as strong when the bunch is together on stage fielding questions. They are all very witty and very funny.


Hall was joined by fellow cast members Jennifer Carpenter (Debra Morgan & Hall’s real-life wife), and James Remar (Harry Morgan). The show’s Executive Producers John Goldwyn, Chip Johannessen, and Sara Colleton also joined the panel. All of the producers continuously praised Hall for being such an amazing actor and creative force on the set. They are all very excited for Julia Stiles (in her first television role) and Peter Weller to join the cast for the upcoming season.



A couple of my favorite questions & quotes:

Crazy sounding British Girl: “Will there be another psycho female British character?”

Michael C. Hall: “I don’t know… Well, you got the job!”


“John Lithgow released a children’s album that contained a song called ‘In the Bath Tub’, did that serve as inspiration for Trinity?”


Fan Girl: “Who was your favorite guest star?”

Michael C. Hall: “Definitely John Lithgow. Ummm, well, I like everybody I’ve killed!”


Ralph Garman: “Do you curse more in real life now that you’re unleashed?”

Carpenter: “Yeah….everybody should!”


Scottish Guy: “How are you going to top the Trinity Killer?”

The panel in unision: “We’re not!!!”

Hall: “Dexter will go down to hell and kill the devil himself!!!”


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