Comic-Con 2010: TRON: LEGACY Panel Footage Description


We were just shown eight minutes of footage from the new Disney film Tron: Legacy, and it was absolutely incredible! Everyone was blown away by the footage, and I can only imagine what this full movie is going to be like! 

The footage begins with Sam Flynn right after he is thrust into the world of Tron. He’s utterly confused by what has happened and at first he doesn’t think it is real until one of those big Space Paranoid flying vehicles hovers directly above and lowers right in front of him. The ground around him then begins to fall apart. After it lands two Tron world centurions exit the vehicle and grab Sam then place him in the vehicle with a few other individuals. His feet are strapped in with some electronic lock. The vehicle takes off and begins to fly through the digital city which is epically huge and extremely detailed! It’s hard to describe how massive and awesome this city looks, but it’s going to blow you away.

While flying in the vehicle Sam turns to one of the other guys and asks what is going on. The man tells him to shut up if he wants to live. At that point another guy in the vehicle begins to panic and mumble to himself.

The vehicle then lands, which is footage you’ve see from the first Tron: Legacy trailer. The Tron centurions exit the vehicle and get in the face of each person they are transporting. They then give an order of what is supposed to happen to each person. They send them either to a place called Vector Five or Games. The person that was panicking was told he was going to the Games, he was so scared that he ran off and jumped into the digital abyss killing himself. When they get to Sam he starts trying to tell them there’s been a mistake, as he says this they send him to the games. The centurions walk him out of the vehicle and place him on a platform where he is lowed into a big room. 

Once he is lowered, four women programs dressed in white undress Sam with some little lasers, and place the new Tron uniform on him. He is then handed a disc which records everything he does in the world of Tron. Sam asks one of the women what he has to do, she tells him, “survive.”

When the women are gone and place them selves back into their holding pods, a door opens and Sam walks through to enter a huge stadium with a screaming crowd. - End footage. 

There is then a series of shots that you can see for yourself in the new trailer that has been released.

I know me explaining this footage doesn’t do it any justice because it was so overwhelmingly exciting, especially with a crowd of people that are going completely geek crazy!

One cool things they did for the Comic-Con crowd was let us be a part of the actual movie! Disney and the director of the film brought in a sound guy from Industrial Light and Magic, and they recorded the 6,500 people in Hall H chanting, and cheering which they will mix together and put in the final cut of the film, so how freakin’ cool is that!

This was a fantastic panel! And this is going to be an incredible film that I can’t wait to see! What we saw hear did not disappoint, you’re all in for a real treat!

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