THE UNTAMED Horror Comic Gets A Big Screen Film Adaptation!

Producer Lloyd Levin will be bringing the live-action version of The Untamed, a dark fantasy revenge tale published by Stranger Comics.


The Untamed tells the story of a man who is released from Hell and given seven days to reap the seven souls that murdered him and his family (sounds kinda familiar). The tale is written by Sebastian Jones, who also penned the screenplay. Boom! Studios co-founder Andrew Cosby ( creator of Syfy's Eureka ) is attached to make his directorial debut.

Levin said this about the badass main character:

"He's killed a lot of people himself, but he not only gets the chance to unravel the mystery of who killed his family and get revenge, but there is a story of redemption here as well."

Ken Locsmandi, the VFX supervisor of such films like The Matrix and Fight Club, is also on board.

I kind of think this is will be a cross between Hellboy and The Crow.

No author bio. End of line.

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