Comic-Con 2010: HAWAII 5-0 Panel

TVComic-Conby Mily Dunbar

Because the scene around the Caprica panel was a total fustercluck this morning, I went to the Panel for the Hawaii Five-0 reboot. (Thanks GeekDad for helping me get in!) And now you guys reap the benefits! I don't really know what to tell you about it though. You've seen the original? Well picture that, but set in 2010 and produced for CBS. It will fit seamlessly into the CBS lineup.

They showed us a few clips. Det. Steve McGarret, played by Alex O'Loughlin, (not working for Honolulu PD yet, I'm not sure where he works) frustrated that his father's murder has not been solved, is tooling around the crime scene. When Lt. Danny Williams, (Scott Caan) responsible for the investigation, won't let him take evidence away from the crime scene, O'Loughlin calls the governor, accepts some job, takes the oath, and walks out with the evidence, saying, "It's my crime scene now." Later the new partners (I don't know how they went from pulling guns on each other to being partners, but whatevs) are asking former cop/current security guard Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) for help with a case. He won't be part of their team because he lost his badge after being accused of taking payoffs. He walks away. Dramatic music.

O'Loughlin: "Did you take the money?"
Kim: "No."
"Then we never have to talk about it again."
"Why do you trust me?"
"Because my father did."

And scene. Like I said, it will fit in perfectly on the network that airs CSI: Miami.

The team is rounded out by Kono, now played by the young and hot Grace Park, instead of the fat guy on the original. Her first appearance comes in the form of a close-up on her ass in a bikini, so while Park is a talented actress and the character may be fantastic, we know why they made the switch. She's Dae's cousin, about to graduate from the police academy after an injury killed her pro surfing career. She and Danno will have a long, drawn-out, will-they-or-won't-they relationship fraught with sexual tension. Or at least that's what the 30 second clip I saw seemed to imply.

After seeing footage and listening to the panel, will I watch the show? I don't know; what else is on? The whole thing looks very slick. High production values, lots of explosions, and I'm guessing lots more girls in bikinis. It's a procedural drama, so the A story will be a case, the B story will be character driven, and the C story will be some overarching mystery. Kind of like The Good Wife, but with lots more boobs.

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