Comic-Con 2010: THE WALKING DEAD Panel and Footage Description

The Walking Dead Comic-Con panel was pretty damn incredible! This show looks like everything I hoped it would be and more. They brought out the full cast and crew from The Walking Dead series and they talked about the comic book, the new series, and filming the show. Here are a few points of information that you might be interested in knowing.

Comic book creator Robert Kirkman is heavily involved with The Walking Dead TV production. He actually wrote the script for episode 4.

Frank Darabont explains that he was extremely excited to do this series because of how character driven, bold and character based that it is. He also loves how it reaches back and gives a great new fresh take on the classic zombie genre. He’s also been working on brining this series to the screen for about 5 years now.

The series is going to blow up world wide about the same time in 250 million households, 120 countries and 50 languages.

Kirkman expressed how he never wanted to do a movie with his comic series, and doing a TV show was a really tough sell, especially with the edgy violent content that this show will have. AMC came in and stepped up to the occasion though, and as you’ve seen in the images that have been released, they are pushing the limits of cable TV. 

As for the make-up and effects in the show, they pulled the style right from the comic book and as you know they set up a zombie school to help teach people how to be zombies which is awesome! They really need to open up a college zombie course someday. One of the main things they looked for when casting the zombies in the film, is they had to be very thin, because these zombies are thin and starving. 

You also might be interested to know that the artist of the comic book Tony Moore got to be a zombie in the show.

The six episodes that are being made, are being developed as if this first season is going to be a 6 hour movie. Each episode is like a one hour long film. This is a huge epic zombie story, and we get to see this full story and dive into the depths the stories characters!

The series will be taking fun and interesting detours from what was created in the comic book, they are expanding and adding to what’s already been done. Now just so you know, Kirkman is on board with these changes that have been made, in fact he encouraged it. The show will cater to the comic fan base, but it will offers the fans something new and different, the fans won’t see what’s coming, they want to have some fun surprises for the fans.

The show will be chalked full of dead zombie children. AMC is not going to hold back on how this show is filmed. They want t to be as authentic and bloody as possible. 

In upcoming seasons of the show they are looking to bring on special classic genre directors to direct some episodes. Darabont wouldn’t name names, he said we know who they are, but George Romero is definitely one of the directors being speculated. 

It was also announced that Bear Mccreary (Battlestar Galactica) will be doing the music for the TV series, which is awesome! It was also announced that Norman Reedus has joined the cast. 

The Walking Dead footage that was shown was bloodily fantastic! Hopefully it get posted online soon because you’ve got to see what this series has to offer! This is an extremely detailed TV series, that Walking Dead and zombie fans are going to absolutely love! The series looks better than any zombie film that has been made over the last 5 years. The zombies looks incredibly insane, the TV show was show extremely well, the cinematography is brilliant, and the acting is top notch. We are in store for one of the best zombie projects that has ever been developed!

Here's the footage description:

The clip opened with a police blockade and nice little high speed chase with some cops, and shootout that sees Rick wounded. The video cuts to Rick waking up in hospital and discovering it destroyed and empty with rows of corpses lying outside.


There are then a ton of zombie action shots. At one point Rick is freaking out as he points his gun at a creepy zombie little girl. Rick is talking to Michael Rooker saying he's looking for his family and nothing will get in his way. There are some great shots of Rick riding through barren Atlanta and encountering insane zombie hordes. Rick ends up under a tank shooting up the zombies zombies. He then manages to climb in a tank, and we see a fantastic aerial shot of hundreds of zombies piling on top of the tank.

That gave me goosebumps. This seriously looks like the most epic zombie movie ever made! I can't wait!

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