Robert Rodriquez Talks about DEADPOOL Movie

It was recently revealed that Fox has approached Robert Rodriguez to direct their upcoming Ryan Reynolds Deadpool movie. He's confirmed that this is actually the case, but he hasn't decided if he's going to direct it or not. He told MTV the following in an interview:

They sent me a script to read, [but] I've been really swamped with this other stuff. I've not decided whether ... anything I do would be after 'Spy Kids' — that gives some breathing room. So whether or not I would help develop or not is the question right now.

Fox ended up sending him an early draft of the script to help him make a decision, and here's what he had to say about it.

It was really good. It wasn't supposed to be sent out, it was one of those early drafts, they were probably like 'Robert just finished 'Predators,' let's see what he thinks at this early stage' ... I got an early sneak peek at it.

He goes on to admit that he's a fan of Ryan Reynolds reprising the role of Deadpool, and that he did a great job in working with the writers. He then reveals that the script for the film calls for Reynolds' Deadpool to break the fourth wall and actually talk to the audience. Awesome! That should be really interesting and cool.

He had some really great ideas. Ryan is cool. I liked his ideas and his passion for that project.

So Rodriguez liked the script, he's still not sure if he's going to Direct it, but regardless... the movie is currently on course for a possible 2012 release date. 

Check out the video interview below and let us know what you think about Rodriguez possibly directing Deadpool, and what he had to say about the script.


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