Operation: Endgame is an action/comedy that even has it's dark moments and when I found out that Richard Kelly (the guy who brought us Donnie Darko) was involved I definatley saw where the dark side of this film came from, with just the right doses.

The film pits government assassin against government assassin (with great codenames) locked up somewhere near our nation's capital in some building, yes it's that precise. Rob Corddry is part of this all-star cast and puts on a how and shows us a darker/less funny side of him and that's a good thing! He is the hearbeat of this cool film!

So what happens here in a nutshell is the agents "boss" aka The Devil played by Jeffery Tambor is murdered which sets off a total fun ride that becomes Alpha versus Omega team. Everyone is paraniod and the building is on lockdown and has supposedly been turned into a bomb.  It's a total who's on who's side roller coaster ride!

The fight scenes are fun to watch, especailly seeing Ellen Barkin making one of her rare film appearances and kicking ass with some very interesting weapons a times. Along with her the always beautiful Maggie Q puts on a show and to me had really turned it up a notch for Operation: EndgameJoe Anderson plays the baby face anti-hero type "Fool" and pulls off his mystery character with out a flaw throughout the entire film and plays perfectly against Odette Yustman's character Temperance. Zach Galifianakis aka Hermit makes brief appearances throughout the film playing but really seems to be held back with this role, maybe they was afraid he'd steal the show? Well there is this one scene but you'll have to see this for yourself.  The paranoid dark humor mixed in with the fight scenes steal the show and some are very inventive.  The film ends kind of surprisingly and you don't  really see this coming at all and to me it's the weak spot of the film but not enough to ruin the fun ride.

All in all Operation: Endgame is a totally fun ride with some cool dark humor added.  There's some cool specail features including alternate opening and endings!

Definately check this cool film out!


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