Scarlett Johansson Joins GRAVITY


In one of the worst puns in recent memory, The NY Daily News reports that "Scarlett Johansson is striking while the Iron Man is hot" and will star alongside Robert Downey, Jr. in Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity.

The Playlist has a pretty solid write up that covers most of the basics, including a reminder that the film is being prepped for 3D. They point out that the film will be 60% CGI and massively reliant on special effects, apparently comparing Gravity to Avatar. On the good news front, Cuaron is reportedly still interested in shooting the first 20 minutes in one continuous shot - a tactic of which I'm almost always supportive, especially given the talent involved here. (Cuaron's work in Children of Men is legendary among "long continuous shot" fans.)

Downey's schedule seems to be pretty full right now, what with his commitment to Sherlock Holmes 2 and his upcoming star turn in Oz, The Great and Powerful. But apparently he can squeeze this one in, and while ScarJo has an appearance lined up in The Avengers, she should be good to go for this one.

I don't make it a habit to read scripts before movies go into production - or at all, for that matter; why would I want to spoil the movie for myself before I see it? - so I have no idea if Johansson is the right person for this role. Any of you early script readers out there care to let us know what you think? You know where to do it.

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