Captain America's Costume and Shield will Evolve During the Movie

This weekend at Comic-Con we got our first look at some test footage that was shot of Chris Evans wearing one of several outfits that he will put on during the course of Captain America: The First Avenger. He did an interview with MTV in which he said that his costume and shield in the film will evolve over the course of the film, and that the final suit will not be reveled until the end of the movie. 

It’s a World War II movie, so I think a little bit of a cumbersome feel to it and something that’s a bit chunkier … not only serves the time period, I think it looks better. It’s not this sleek spandex suit. It looks like something you might wear in the ’40s in the middle of a war. … There’s a couple stages and initially in the script, Steve isn’t Captain America right away. He gets the injection and isn’t asked to go to war right off the bat. He’s used in different areas and different facets, so he has different stages of the suit. I don’t think he actually jumps into the final suit until the third act of the film.”

Evans then goes on to talk about the Shied he uses.

Well, during the USO tour, there’s obviously a different shield. And he goes on a couple missions, he goes AWOL and kind of takes the USO shield. And eventually, once he’s kind of allowed to be this soldier, and they outfit him with the new uniform, they decide to outfit him with an updated shield.

I liked the footage we were shown at Comic-Con, and I'm looking forward to seeing the several changes that Roger's suit goes through. As far as the movie itself goes, it looks like it's gonna be awesome! I'm not sure everyone was sold on what they saw, but it was only test footage, and I liked where they were going with it. To get more information on what went down at Marvel's Captain America panel, Click Here and Here.

Did you see the costume? If so what did you think?

Check out the full video interview below: