Karl Urban Confirms his role as Judge Dredd!

"Yes, it's true, I am the law." are the exact words from Star Trek actor Karl Urban as he confirmed his role as Judge Dredd in the upcoming new adaptation of the classic comic book! He then added that he is "thrilled to bits" with the role. 

I think Urban will make for a great Judge Dredd and I'm excited that he's excited about taking it. There's been talk of a new Judge Dredd movie for a long time now, but now that a star is attached to the lead role I guess this will be moving into production sometime in the near future. 

The Dredd reboot is being written by 28 Days Later/Sunshine screenwriter Alex Garland, and it will be a much more accurate representation of the comic book than Sylvester Stallone's awful 90's version. The film is also be produced by Danny Boyle's DNA Films. With Garland on board to write the script and Urban taking on the lead role, this should turn out being a great adaptation. 

What do you think of Urban taking on the role of Judge Dredd?